Spelunking in Sagada: What to wear

There are two usual spelunking tours in Sagada. The easier one is Sumaguing and it takes at least an hour to finish. The more difficult one which starts in Lumiang and ends in Sumaguing takes at least four hours. We did the latter so my observation is based on that but I guess the attire pretty much applies to both. Besides, people can also opt to swim even if they went for the Sumaguing tour. The first rule is, make it easy on yourself and be dressed for the affair. Here’s what I think you should wear.

  • a short-sleeved rash guard/tight-fitting jersey

Both are quick-drying and both are designed for roughing it. Short sleeves is better because you will feel a lot colder once you are wet and out of the water if you wear long sleeves.

  • walking shorts/shorts over leggings

Some people say it’s best to wear a pair of shorts over leggings. I still stick to walking shorts though because once you’re wet, it gets pretty cold especially if more material sticks to your skin. It’s the same idea as choosing short sleeves over long sleeves for your top. On the other hand, leggings will help against abrasions so it still is up to you. A pair of jogging pants that can be converted into shorts will also be handy but only at the beginning. You will have to convert to shorts once you get to the mouth of the cave.

  • aqua shoes

Again, you don’t really have to buy one especially if you don’t have a need for it in the future. Some of my friends wore trekking shoes and some of them wore slippers and we all pretty much slipped at least once while inside the cave. Aqua shoes is great especially when you get those high cut ones because your whole feet and ankle is protected from abrasions. You don’t have to worry about pebbles straying between your sole and footwear too. I also like the idea that it doesn’t just fall off like a pair of slippers does.

Next stop, I’ll talk about what to pack. Aloha.


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