Ugu Bigyan’s: Clay Wonderland

IMG_4656It is mostly food that I am most curios about Ugu Bigyan’s after reading numerous posts about it. I am not crazy about pottery you see though I did enjoy a short workshop at Clay Art Garden some time ago. First, I thought it was a humble dwelling with 3 or four small nipa huts at the most so the spacious garden was a big surprise. Two, I also didn’t have an idea there were other wares on sale apart from gigantic pots. I don’t believe I am the only one who thinks big bangas are horrendous. Plus, even if I do find one that interests me, I sure won’t spend thousands for it. Maybe rich lolas will. Lastly, why was I the last one to know that it’s so near our province. I’ve wasted my life! That’s all I can say. haha! TotalCollage_1L83G-NO2SDTotalCollage_1MV36-YRI12


My uncle and his wife were looking at getting something from Ugu Bigyan’s annual birthday pottery sale and my sister and I tagged along. He was able to get one but he no longer had a lot to choose from as stocks were almost out that time. Loved it nonetheless! I went crazy over the half-furnished walls, the pieces of drift wood and clay stuck on the pathway, the handmade clay tiles plastered on the wall, the decor, the layout of the kubos, the glazed wall “paintings”, the accessories and sculptures on sale, the furniture, the ponds, the installations and of course, the facade. Everything is creative and inspiring. EVERYTHING!

The artist’s workshop/restaurant was set to be a sanctuary after all it’s tucked in the middle of brick, clay, wood, plants and water. and the art surrounding you will eat through you in a good way. But since it was teeming with trigger-happy tourists like myself, it wasn’t as relaxing as it should have been. I understand of course that it was the busiest time of the year.
The servers were going back and forth the kitchen and the long tables where guests were dining. I could take a peek at the tables but I did not have the strength to look at what they were having. I wanted to kick myself. I planned to go back on my birthday weekend but they were unfortunately booked for a private baptism on my only free day. So, I will go there with equally enthusiastic beings and when I do, I’ll make sure I’ll sample the food.

1 - IMG_2067

But you know, I thought the trip was still worth it without the food.


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