What to buy in Baguio (Non-food Pasalubong)

We’ve all seen the footage. We’ve all read the articles. We know how bad traffic got this holiday season in Baguio. Will that stop you from going there? Of course not. The fact of the matter is we managed to travel to Baguio in 4 hours and travel back to Manila in 4 hours (January 2-4). Of course I still think it would be loads better if it isn’t the peak season but if you really have to just plan ahead.
Anyway this post has nothing to do with planning and traffic. This is a post on pasalubong that are not edible. Baguio is known for other things too you know.

IMG_2621flowers – This is a safe pasalubong for friends or your soon to be mother-in-law especially if they are following some fad diet and would hate you if you gave them strawberry jam and ube. hahaha.

walis – Of course this suggestion is strictly for people who brought cars with them. It is after all two times cheaper and also looks more, for the lack of a better term, fluffy.

silver jewelry – Somehow silver accessories lost its appeal over the years but yes Baguio remains one of the places where they sell it cheap. Make sure you haggle.

key chains – Of course they have boring souvenirs but it’s also kind of sweet especially if you have to give it to so many people. For instance, teachers can’t possibly afford to give strawberries to all students so a knitted strawberry key chain will do.

shirts – Ah yes, another boring souvenir. This is another option for people who don’t want their fridge flooded with perishable goods after a trip to Baguio. You don’t have to be pestered in delivering all

knitted items – bonnets, mittens, scarves and head bands are only some of the knitted goods you can choose from for pasalubong. It won’t be as useful in Manila but perhaps it would encourage them to visit.



mini walis – This is great for kids especially if you want to introduce them to the art of chores and it’s really cute. 


chopping board – This can be both practical and decorative. It’s nice. It’s cheap. and there are other wooden trinkets that would look good in your kitchen.

wooden furniture – This can be expensive but not as ridiculous as the ones you see in malls. If you know a local who can show you around then good for you. If not, arm yourself with haggling skills and make sure the last price covers the delivery charge.


bow and arrow – This pasalubong is a dream come true for young girls and boys. It’s a lot better now with a stunted edge but it doesn’t mean it won’t invite accidents. Make sure to remind the kid to use it with utmost care somewhere he or she will not hit anyone or anything expensive.

I think I’ve missed some things like dolls, costumes and other decorative items. What do you think? Soon I’ll post a link to my grub blog on pasalubong you can stuff your face with. haha!


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